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Low Speed Vehicle Permits

Registration, Inspection and Fee Prior to Usage

For additional information or questions please call the Tunica Police Department (662) 363-2400.

1.  All owners of low-speed vehicles must complete a registration application and submit same to Town Clerk for approval; all low-speed vehicles must be inspected by the Town of Tunica Police Department before issuance of a permit.  Before any such vehicle may be driven on public roads, the vehicle must have a valid permit issued for registration.  The decal for the permit shall be displayed on the left rear fender of the vehicle and shall be non-transferrable from that vehicle.  Any person with a valid drivers license that is covered under the owner’s liability insurance for that vehicle may operate the vehicle that has been properly registered.  The fee for registration of such vehicle is $25.00 per year, per vehicle.

2.  Each owner shall be issued a safety flag by the Tunica Police Department that must be displayed on the low-speed vehicle at all times said vehicle is operated.

3.  Each owner/operator must have proof of ownership, liability insurance and a completed Waiver of Liability releasing the Town of Tunica from liability that may arise as a result of the operation of his low-speed vehicle on the designated streets inside the Town of Tunica.  These documents must be in said vehicle at all times while in operation on public streets.

4.  All low-speed vehicles must meet requirements or minimum standards of safety equipment as required by law.

5.  The registration decal sticker and flag shall be valid for a period of one (or portion thereof) to be renewed annually during the month of September.

6.  Any person denied a permit for failing to comply with this Ordinance shall be authorized to file an appeal to the Mayor and Board of Alderman of the Town of Tunica.  The Town reserves the right to revoke any permit for violations of this Ordinance, or misrepresentations on any application for a permit.

7.  Lost or stolen decals or flags are the responsibility of the owner and must be replaced before the low-speed vehicle is operated on a public street.


Rules and Regulations for Operation of Low-Speed Vehicles 

1.  Low-speed vehicles shall be operated on public streets within the corporate limits of the Town of Tunica: specifically, west of U. S. Highway 61, north of Peabody Avenue and bounded on the north by Marie Street.  The western boundary shall be Houston Circle.  Under no circumstances shall the low-speed vehicle cross U.S. Highway 61 or drive on U.S. Highway 61.  Further, River Road and Magnolia Street shall be used for crossing; at no time shall the low-speed vehicle be driven east or west on those streets, due to heavy traffic flow.

2.  Low-speed vehicles shall only be operated on public streets in the designated above.

3.  Any person who operates a low-speed vehicle must be responsible for all liability associated with operation of such vehicles and must have liability insurance coverage which will cover the use of said vehicles in an amount not less than required by Mississippi law for motor vehicles operated on public highways in this State.

4.  No person may operate a low-speed vehicle unless that person is licensed to drive upon the public streets, roads and highways of Mississippi and then, only in accordance with such valid driver’s license. Operators of such vehicles must carry their driver’s license on their person at all times while operating said vehicle on public streets.

5.  Any person who operates a low-speed vehicle shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations adopted by the State of Mississippi and the Town which governs the operation of motor vehicles.

6.  An operator may not allow the number of people in the low-speed vehicle to exceed the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer. The operator shall not allow passengers to ride on any part of said vehicle not designed to carry passengers. In no instance shall a low-speed vehicle be operated at a speed greater than 20 MPH. No low-speed vehicle may be operated at a speed greater than reasonable and prudent for the existing conditions, e.g. poor weather conditions.

7.  Low-speed vehicles must be operated at the right edge of the roadway and must yield to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

8.  Low-speed vehicles must park in designated spaces in such a manner that multiple vehicles can utilize the space. All parking rules and limits apply.  No parking on sidewalks or at the curb of public streets is permitted.

9.  Low-speed vehicles must have basic equipment supplied by the manufacturer, including a vehicle identification or serial number. Such equipment must include all safety devices as installed by said manufacturer, including rear view mirrors and rear deflectors of the same type required by Mississippi law.  Low-speed vehicles without lights may be operated only during daylight hours.  Such vehicles may only be operated on public streets outside these hours if they have a front and rear light that is visible from a distance of 500 feet; and if a mechanical turn signal indicator is not installed, operator must use hand signals for turns.

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