Town Hall (662)363-2432


Garbage Pick Up Schedule:

Routes highlighted in:Tunica_trash_map-01

Orange-Monday & Thursday

Purple-Tuesday & Friday

Blue-Wednesday & Friday


**Please take note that during a holiday your scheduled pick up may be delayed.  Your garbage will be picked up by the end of the work week.

Click here to view, download and print a larger version of the pick-up map.

Garbage and Trash Pick Up:

**These rates and regulations apply to customers who live within the city limits. 

Garbage is defined as household items such as food waste, paper goods, etc. and must be placed inside a bag which is placed inside the garbage can for pick up.  Items outside of garbage can will not be picked up.

Rubbish is defined as large household items such as mattresses, TV’s, refrigerators, freezers, etc. and should be placed on the curb.

**A request must be made to Town Hall no later than 12:00 pm for next business day pick up.  Items are not to be placed on curb more than 12 hours before pick up.

**If placing refrigerators or freezers on curb for pick up, all doors must be removed.

**Rubbish must be placed away from utility poles and not under power lines. Items will to be picked up if placed in these areas.

Trash is defined as limbs, leaves, and debris.  These items need to be placed away from utility poles and not under power lines.  Items will not be picked up if placed in these areas.

Garbage Rates:

$10.00 per household or business

$5.00 for each additional can

**Only garbage that is inside of the garbage can will be picked up.  Only Town of Tunica garbage cans will be picked up.

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